Chronos Energy Billing System (EBS)

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Our Solution

Chronos Energy Billing System (EBS) is a robust and integrated solution enabling Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to deliver accurate and timely billing of energy purchases to buyers. The EBS is designed not only to eliminate manual input errors but also optimize billing processes for maximum return to IPPs and energy buyers.

System Functionalities

  • Direct Interaction with Metering Devices

    The EBS captures metering information from metering devices (direct or indirect) and converts it to a standardized billing configuration. The embedded billing engine automatically verifies data for accuracy, consistency and abnormality.

    Simplify Billing Processes

    The EBS can be rapidly configured to handle simple, complex or combination rate structures (Heat rates, Fixed rates, Variable rates). This flexibility makes it perfectly suited for all forms of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

  • Flexible and Instantaneous Billing Calculation and Generation

    Users can select the types of billing (Energy Payment or Capacity Payment or Both) and billing period (Monthly, Bi- Monthly, or Weekly) to compute the total energy generation and produces the bills in the prescribed format and time duration. In addition, the EBS allows users to preview the billing details up to 15 minutes interval.

    Instantaneous and accurate billing to energy buyers ultimately results in timely collection of payment.

  • Reporting

    The EBS system is also designed for easy retrieval of historical and real-time billing information. It measures critical performance factors such as power generation, power consumption, power factor, plant outage, and maximum demand. With these analysis reports, users can make quicker decisions and maximize business value.

    User Definable Data Security

    The EBS utilizes a proven and highly secured access control mechanism to manage different users’ access rights to different features. Different users can perform different rights according to their predefined hierarchy. This mechanism ensures data access security and overall process integrity.

System Architecture

The EBS is designed with a graphical user-friendly interface that enables quick mastery of operations with minimal training. This system is equipped with several unique features to ensure data integrity and system reliability. These features include:

  • Robust Client-Server Architecture
  • Optimized Data and Settings synchronization
  • System and Data Mirroring
  • System Backup and Restore Mechanism
  • Settings Version Control
  • Activity Log and Abnormality Reports

The Benefits

With Chronos Energy Billing System (EBS), the following benefits are realized:

  • Complete billing accuracy by eliminating manual calculation errors
  • Reduced manual workload and higher billing efficiency
  • Greater transactional transparency and security
  • Effective traceability in billing operations
  • Rapid resolution of abnormalities in billing operations.