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What is POMS?

POMS is a powerful, integrated & easy-to-use software solution specially-designed for process-driven industries such as power plants, oil & gas, water utilities and process manufacturing. With its real-time data capturing and processing capabilities, POMS can provide management for strategic decision-making.

POMS is embedded with advanced software & communication technologies that provide the management, operation and maintenance staff with powerful tools to carry out critical measures for the plant such as:

  • Condition Monitoring for critical facilities.
  • Performance Monitoring for outputs vs. inputs.
  • Operation Monitoring for overall plant activities.
  • Preventive Maintenance Monitoring for all equipments.

With POMS, you can remotely monitor the plant operations on a real-timbusiness and plant operations has become more effective with POMS.

Key Features

POMS helps you to manage your business at optimal level. With the softoperation even on a real-time basis is no longer a remote possibility.

ChartView Module

This is a powerful charting tool dedicated for plant equipments Condition Monitoring. It is versatile & it allows you to compare multiple parameter trends against another parameter within the same or different period.

  • User friendly chart designer.
  • Embedded group access privileges at each chart template.
  • Multi-dimension view to compare different parameters such as HeatRate vs. Power etc.

With ChartView, you can correlate multiple process parameters & functions for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Predictive Maintenance especially for critical facilities such as Compressors, Pumps, Separators and Generators.

ReportView Module

This is a great reporting solution that allows you to design & generate different types of reports according to your business needs.

  • Easy for user to configure different reports.
  • Embedded group access privileges for each report.
  • Able to add multiple calculations into each report.
  • Possibility to export to multiple formats such as Excel, PDF, HTML, images etc.

With ReportView, you can easily analyze the financial as well as operational performance of the plant.

LiveView Module

This is a user-friendly monitoring package that helps you to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces and to display real-time operation data at your desk. The operation is decentralized from the operator workstation to executive/management for online plant wide supervision, optimization and diagnostic functions.

  • Live data capturing from facilities.
  • Optimal data transfer rate via network with advanced technologies embedded.
  • Easy to configure real-time view for each facility.
  • Possibility to export to multiple formats such as Excel, PDF, HTML, images etc.

In short, LiveView displays clear and real-time information for you to monitor the whole plant operations whenever necessary.

VirtualView Module

This is an advance feature that allows you to remotely connect to the POMS server located at the plant via internet access.

You can retrieve data for full suite of the application which permits the remote technical support from anywhere, anytime.

OperationLog Module

This is a user-friendly shift-charge activity log. It is an event assessment. Operators-in-charge can record whole shift activities into the system for next shift to follow up and for traceability in the future.

  • User configurable reporting templates for different operations.
  • It captures operational alarms and errors automatically.
  • Summary view of outstanding activities.
  • Embedded workflow control for each operation log. With OperationLog, the management can monitor progress of outstanding tasks and to verify the effectiveness of these activities being carried out.

DataLog Module

The DataLog permits POMS to interface one or more of your local systems simultaneously such as Distribution Control System (DCS) and PLC and other enterprise systems using different communication protocol.

It is designed to cater for very large real-time and historical databases, with every process parameter stored over several years depending on the hard disk capacity. It can read and write to virtually any real time device or database.

  • Configurable interfacing ro Machine Data/Signals according to site conditions.
  • Expandable data size.
  • Connectivity to Relational Database.
  • No. of points ranging from 1,000 to above 10,000 tags.

PDALog Module

Mobile Computer during site patrol at the plant premises. The process flow is illustrated here on the right.

With PDALog, the shift-charge operators can improve their daily productivity and data accuracy tremendously. In addition, all scanned data can be seamlessly updated to the main system for further analysis and monitoring.

DataProcess Module

The DataProcess is a powerful data/signal processing tool that allows you to pre-process the primary source of data/signal in different formula and store into structured database in real time basis.

  • User configurable calculation formulas.
  • Calculated operation counter and run-hour etc.

With DataProcess, you can re-engineer your real time primary data into valuable information for business analysis and manage the plant operations effectively.

Key Benefits of POMS

Timely and Accurate Information

  • Real-time environmental monitoring and immediate intervention.
  • To facilitate management strategic decision making.
  • Primary source of data in troubleshooting system and performance problems.
  • Connects engineering and operations with the process information and business operations.
  • Transforming the workforce from data collectors to data users.
  • Transform process data into actionable information.

Condition Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance Monitoring for critical facilities

  • To Improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and reliability.
  • Automatic predictive maintenance practice
  • Providing real-world technical information and trends for design engineers
  • Maximizing the value and extending the benefits of installed distribution control system
  • Provides ease of use and speeds data retrieval whenever needed

Performance Monitoring for Outputs vs Inputs

  • Correlation of performance parameters against Inputs/System Loading (e.g. Pump KW vs. Flow, HeatRate vs. Power).
  • To achieve consistent benchmarking by overall comparison of multiple parameters with identical system conditions at different period and to detect any degradation or performance drift for the facilities.
  • Continuous improvement in plant monitoring and diagnosis

Operation Monitoring for overall plant activities

  • To improve quality & Safety for the plant.
  • Monitoring of critical operational parameters vs. Inputs/System Loading (e.g. pH value, silica, vibration, temperature).
  • Management of operator controllable plant losses (e.g. steam pressures, temperatures, flows, exit gas temperature and excess air).
  • Heat rate calculations and turbine efficiency Customer billing and verification
  • Actionable and traceable operation log for shift-handover