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System Overview

Chronos Plant Operator Training Simulator (POTS) is a unique operator training simulation application to enable rapid and error free operator training in a hazardous and critical operating environment. POTS is a crucial piece of the overall Chronos solution, because in the energy generation industry, skilled manpower is a scarce commodity. Good talent is highly mobile and plant operators need a way to not just keep good employees, they also need to ensure that the critical operation knowledge remains within the plant even after the employee leaves.

POTS is designed to capture as much knowledge as possible by providing an interactive and graphical platform with almost real operating environment to train new and existing operators through simulation. Good and effective simulation based training will require actual, real life inputs

Key Features

Emulated DCS

The Emulated DCS, mimic existing plant Distributed Control System (DCS) which is operated by the Control Room Operators such as Shift-In-charge to manage the overall plant operations. It is configured almost identical to the existing DCS control logics and Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the plant.

Field Equipment (or FieldView)

The FieldView represents the overall plant facilities in virtual form. It is visualized by integrating more than 10,000 site photos taken from the plant. It is a unique feature of POTS. It provides almost real site experience to field operators that is similar to their actual site facilities.

Process Modelling (or ProcSim)

This is the brain of POTS which will integrate the control logics of both Emulated DCS and FieldView facilities in virtual format and to define their relationship for any changes in the operation parameters which will affect the others.


The Instructor module is the master administration of whole training simulator. It consists of several sub-modules for Training Instructor to design and manage each training session, set marking, best practice, walking route and the desired process parameters, to set abnormal operating conditions for each training session to disturb the “plant” in order to test the trainees’ response, provide guidance and marking to each training session either by individual or group of operators, review and playback the training session to respective trainees to point out any improvement opportunities etc.

Training Events

POTS modelled the client’s whole plant facilities including control, process and field logics which is high similarity to their existing plant. It provides almost unlimited training scenarios for users to simulate the system. Similarly, Training Events can be designed and planned without limitation.

Here are common Training Events for reference purposes:

  • Plant Startup Operations including Normal and Abnormal.
  • Plant Normal Operations including Changeover, Isolation procedures and malfunctions.
  • Plant Shutdown Operations including with Automatic Plant Start/Stop (APS) or Manual mode, and malfunctions.
  • Emergency System Trip and Restoration sequence.
  • Electrical Switching Works etc.

Process Simulation & Playback

Apart from building operators competency, Chronos POTS can facilitate users to simulate their processes in order to build best practices for the plant. In addition, POTS equipped with a unique feature that allows users to playback their actual DCS historian data at POTS. By doing so, users can review critical operations in the past in greater details and to identify its root cause as well as formulate countermeasures in the future.

Key Benefits

This is a great reporting solution that allows you to design & generate different types of reports according to your business needs.

  • Easy for user to configure different reports.
  • Embedded group access privileges for each report.
  • Able to add multiple calculations into each report.
  • Possibility to export to multiple formats such as Excel, PDF, HTML, images etc.

With ReportView, you can easily analyze the financial as well as operational performance of the plant.

LiveView Module

The POTS will assist Energy & Utilities businesses:

  • To prevent brain drainage of knowledge operators and retention of operational and testing knowhow.
  • To provide Hands-on Training for new staffs as well as Refresher Training of existing staffs any time.
  • To prevent process upsets and business interruption.
  • To simulate plant operations and processes to build best practices for process standardization.
  • To review historical operational / training data anytime (as playback) and to analyze operation efficiency and abnormality.
  • To increase plant utilization, reliability, availability, safety, and equipment life.
  • To increase the Company profile as commitment in human capacity development.
  • To export professional operational knowledge to other regions.